Writing Update: Nanowrimo Wrap-Up

  I finished Nanowrimo 2017 with 17,629 words. I'm proud of myself for attempting Nano during one of the busiest months of school, but school had to come first. However, I've dedicated my winter break to outlining+writing...and doing SAT math prep. One thing that I got out of this Nano was I fixed my setting.… Continue reading Writing Update: Nanowrimo Wrap-Up


Writing Update: So Nanowrimo Starts Next Week?!

  image If you all don't know, Nanowrimo starts next week!! Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and writers from all over the world come together to write 50K within the month. I've participated for 3 years, and I absolutely love the community. If you haven't heard of it before and are curious, I encourage… Continue reading Writing Update: So Nanowrimo Starts Next Week?!

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Beta/Sensitivity Reading Service Announcement

Hello hello everyone, I have a brief announcement to share! During the next summer, I want to roll out a beta/sensitivity reading service on my blog. Before I officially do that, I want to tackle projects that are YA (contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance) and are up to or between 5k-10k words long for FREE.… Continue reading Beta/Sensitivity Reading Service Announcement