Summer Writing Update #10 + #11: Goal…Achieved

Copy of August Wrap-Up (1)


It’s kind of hard to believe that this is my second to last summer writing update, and that senior year begins in ten days!!

I didn’t get a chance to upload an update last Friday because I was busy with last minute school-related stuff. Writing wise, I was nearing the end of the draft at the point and was feeling a little burnt out. However, yesterday I finished the third draft!!! My goal was to finish the draft before senior year started, and I met that goal.


excited lamorne morris GIF by New Girl

So for the next three weeks, until about mid-September, I’m taking some time off from the manuscript while it’s away with my mentor. I’ll probably just be focusing on school work and college apps while I await feedback from my mentor. I’m also going to see if I can meet my Goodreads goal during that time. I’m currently five books away from my year-long goal of 40, so I’m optimistic that I can at least read three books during my writing break.

I also have another idea for my next WIP that I’m starting to flesh out a bit more. I usually like to stick to one project at a time, so even though I’m brainstorming it I don’t think I’ll be actually writing it any time soon.

So yeah, that’s basically all I have to share. I hit my goal! I’d love to hear how writing and/or reading has been going for you all! Are there any goals that you’re trying to meet before August wraps up?

As always,

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!



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