Summer Writing Update #9: Up, Up, and Away (+100th post!)

Copy of August Wrap-Up (1)


I’m starting to realize that I really need to get better at coming up with titles for these updates. It’s also both exciting and nervwracking to think that soon these posts will go from “summer writing updates” to “writing updates.” Yep, summer is slowly winding down and there are only three more summer writing updates left. That’s wild.

try me GIF

(this was me when I realized I only have three weeks of break left)


In terms of progress, progress has been made! I finished my lab internship yesterday, which I’ll have a bit more free time on my hands to put towards writing. I finished writing all of the chapters in POV 1!!!! And have started rewriting the chapters for POV 2.


democratic national convention dnc GIF by Election 2016


Finishing POV 1 showed me two things about this draft. The first being that this draft is going to be a bit shorter than I originally wanted it to be. I was originally aiming for 50,000K, but I’ve now lowered my goal to 47,000K. It’s not that big of a difference, but it did throw me off a bit. As an underwriter, I’m not the biggest fan of wordcounts, but I do know that I’ll be able to flesh out everything in the fourth draft. Right now the draft is good bones and awesome dialogue (my favorite thing to write), but it’s suffering from a major case of white room syndrome. But I’ll cure that in a later draft. I’m really just trying to nail structure in this draft, and I’m hoping that after I finish no big parts will have to move around because the bones are in place. The foundation layer should be solid after draft 3.

The second thing that finishing POV1 gave me was a bit more structure. I now know that each POV is going to have 9 chapters (I really wanted that number to be 10, but oh well). This is a big comparison to the 14 chapters each POV had in draft 2. Yep, as you can tell draft 2 had some major pacing issues. Using character arcs to plot draft 3 has helped to cure this problem.

My goal is still to finish this draft by September 3. My sub-goal at the moment is to finish rewriting POV 2’s chapters by August 19th. As I’m writing this, I’ve currently rewritten three of the chapters ad have six to go. I’m usually able to tackle a chapter a day, but since I write by hand my daily goal is to write at least three pages front and back. That usually puts me around 1.3Kish, which is satifsactory for me. I’m currently 44% through my goal of 47,000. I high recommend using Pacemaker Press if you love to keep track of your progress through customizable graphs. I’m using the free version, so I think I can only track to projects at a time. This hasn’t been too much of a problem because I can also take a screenshot of the final graph, and then delete it to make room for another project.

But that’s pretty much been it in the world of draft 3! I’d love to hear how writing is going for you all!

I also realized that this is my 100th post on the blog!!! It’s a small thing, but I feel like that’s special.

Also last quick note! I’ll now be posting book reviews every other Monday. And when Pitch Wars starts up, they may pause completely. I have a hard time balancing both reading and writing when I have to focus on one super intensely. I’m trying to meet by Goodreads goal also by September 3rd for that reason (33/40, let’s goooooo). I dislike reading when I feel pressured to do so, and I can’t guarantee how frequently I’ll be reading once school and Pitch Wars start. That being said, I’m not giving up on doing book reviews completely! They’re just going to likely be a bit more sparse, as I focus my attention on school and writing. I’m planning on continuing Friday writing updates!

As always,

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!



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