Summer Writing Update #8: Slow But Steady

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It’s Friday, and by now we all know what that means!!!


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I actually have some really awesome stuff to share this week. I got the go ahead from my mentor to start rewrites/start the third draft. After spending three weeks working on the character arcs, it feels so good to be semi-drafting again. However, I know truly believe in the power of character arcs. I’m a headlights-outliner, which basically means that I just outline as I go so I don’t get 100% lost. Maybe just 75%. But the character arc outlines allow me to make sure that the story has structure, but I can make up what I want to surround the structure as I draft so to speak.

Since this draft is pretty much a total rewrite, especially with the removal of one POV and breaking and rebuilding of the remaining three arcs, I’ve been viewing this third draft as a “first draft with structure.” The last draft had much better prose and the setting was way more fleshed out. However, with this draft despite the lack of shininess of the prose and the not-quite there setting, the bones of the story are much stronger.

I started rewriting on July 31st, and I reached 10K yesterday! Something that I’ve been doing differently with this draft is my process of writing it. With the last two drafts I wrote in order of the character. For example, I’d do POV1, then POV2, then POV3, etc ect. That caused each character’s arc to be a bit disjointed. With this draft, I’ve been writing all of each POV’s chapters before moving on to the next. For example, right now I’m only drafting POV1’s chapters, so I’ve written chapter 1, 4, 7 etc etc because they’re all in her POV. It’ll take some time to put the chapters in order once I finish writing all of them, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.

My goal with the current draft is 50K, which I’d love to reach before September 4th. I at least want to get through rewriting POV1 and POV2’s chapters by then. I’m trying to aim for between 17-20K for each POV. What I learned from the last draft is that though I’m an underwriter, I’m capable of fleshing things out in subsequent drafts. The first draft was 55K, but the second was 77K. Since I’m thinking of the third draft as “first draft with better structure,” I’m expecting the word count to drop significantly. But I know I can flesh out what needs to be fleshed out in the fourth draft, so I’m too worried.

In terms of short-term goals, I’d love to hit 20K/finish POV 1’s chapters, by the end of next Sunday. That would be super-duper great.

Anyways, that’s all that’s been up with me writing-wise. Just trying to set the bones in place. I’d love to hear how writing, or reading, is going for you all!

As always,

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!



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