#BoostMyBio 2018 {Pitch Wars}

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s already the end of June, it seems like summer’s zooming by. This year #BoostMyBio is being hosted by Auggie, and you check out the link to the main post here.

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My name is Breeny, and I write YA ownvoices contemporary novels. I’m an avid reader, and began reading YA contemporary when I was about eleven or twelve. I distinctly remember the first YA book that I read: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. After reading that book I fell in love with YA. As you can probably tell from this blog, in addition to writing novels I also write book reviews. The vast majority of the books that I review are ownvoices because I want to help readers find books that they can see themselves in.

I began writing at the age of five with Angelina Ballerina fanfiction. I tackled writing my first full length novel at thirteen, and I’m honestly scared to go back and read it. One cool thing about me as a writer, is that I write all of my drafts by hand. I think it’s because I learned cursive when I was five, so I’m very used to pen and paper. While it does make drafting slower, I love seeing all of the notebooks I’ve filled up take up an entire row of my bookshelf.

Another cool thing about me as a writer, is that I’m the 2018 TeenPit winner. For those of you who don’t know what TeenPit is, it’s a mentoring program for high school novelists founded by K. Hopkins and Michael Mammay, who are both veteran Pitch Wars mentors. I’ve grown so much as a writer from the program, through working with my mentor (who’s awesome!!) and through connecting with other talented high school novelists. If you’re a high school novelist, or know any high school novelists, I’d definitely recommend checking out TeenPit.

And a quick list of other things I enjoy, in addition to writing and reading:

  • This Is Us
  • Pokemon Go
  • Book blogging (of course!)
  • The sound of rain and typing keys
  • The Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise (love-hate relationship)
  •  Listening to music (more on this later)

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So, a little bit about my novel, which I worked on with my mentor during TeenPit. I have a working title, but I’m superstitious about sharing it since titles are usually the last puzzle piece that fits into place. On Twitter, (@BreenysBooks), I’ve been referring to my novel as #MuslimSummerWIP. It’s about 3 Black Muslim teens from across the US who come together after something pretty terrible happens during the summer before senior year. The 10 emojis that I’d use to describe #MuslimSummerWIP are ☪️🤦🏾‍♀️💣😰📒📈📉🖇☀️🤳🏾 

Ok, since I love listening to music when I write, if I had to choose five songs (from my novel playlist that’s currently 128 songs) that best represent the general feel of #MuslimSummerWIP, they’d have to be:

  1. 8TEEN by Khalid
  2. Wavy (Interlude) by SZA (who’s also a Black Muslim R&B-ish artist!)
  3. Growing Pains by Alessia Cara
  4. Pray by Sam Smith
  5. I Was Here by Beyoncé
  6. Youth by Shawn Mendes, featuring Khalid (ok, extra song but this one fits super well too!)

And here’s an aesthetic:


I’m currently rewriting the third draft, which includes removing a POV character (I originally had four) and strengthening the character arcs of the remaining three POVs. This is my first real rewrite so if any of you all have any tips, I’d love to hear them.

I’m super excited for Pitch Wars! The community surrounding the event has already been amazing, and I can’t wait to continue to connect and cheer on my fellow writers!


13 thoughts on “#BoostMyBio 2018 {Pitch Wars}

  1. I had no idea you won Teen Pit, congratulations that’s amazing! I am peering at those emojis like CAN I WORK OUT THIS PLOT and I’m thinking TERRORIST CYBER CRIME ECONOMIC CRISIS MUST BE SAVED BY TEENS?? in my head it’s The Big Short x Kamela Khan. Also, I am sooooo impressed that you write all your drafts by hand. Honestly, that’s incredible and kind of beautiful. Having that visual must be so inspirational you to keep going. Also…how strong exactly are your wrist and finger muscles?!!?!


    1. Thank you, Maddy! You’re on the right track, but there aren’t any superhero elements or economic crises in this WIP. Typing actually hurts my fingers more than writing by hand, but I’d guess moderately strong. 😅

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck with your revisions and congratulations on TeenPit! I write my first drafts by hand too! Something about writing it out on paper makes it easier for me. Not sure why 🙂


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