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Summer Writing Update #7: Brief

Copy of August Wrap-Up (1)


Another week, another update! It’s hard to believe that my next summer writing update will be up in August. How is it almost August??? Not much has changed since the last update, but I did manage to complete the character outlines for each of the three remaining POV characters. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start rewriting next week, after my mentor and I discuss next steps.

In the meantime, I’ve been making my way through my printed second draft. I wanted to see if there was anything in the draft that was worth keeping, or if it was mostly just 75K words of slightly less trashy trash (compared to the first draft). It’s both freeing and slightly nervewracking to say that so far it’s been the latter. Rewriting the second draft tp create the third draft will be similar to writing a first draft, but hopefully the third draft will be much more structurally sound compared to the first. At least this time around I’ll know my characters more.

I wanted to give a quick cheer to anyone who’s wrapping up Camp Nano! You still have a couple more days to hit your goal, so keep going! And for those of your interested in Pitch Wars, the submission window opens in exactly one month!! Hopefully next time I write another one of these updates, I’ll have started on the rewrites.

Also, very brief sidenote. I’ve finally started reading Obsidio after checking it out from my library on three sperate occasions and never finishing it due to school.I’m trying to get behind the ship between Rhys and Asha, but like there’s Nik and Hannah??? And Ezra and Kady??? I think Gemina is going to end up being my favorite book out of the trilogy, but I’d love to hear any of you all’s thoughts about the Illuminae Files if you’ve read any of the books in the series.

As always,

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy blogging!



4 thoughts on “Summer Writing Update #7: Brief

  1. Ahhh you’re right how is it August already?? Good luck with the third draft! Any draft is daunting, but each draft helps you learn the story, which is worth however many words get deleted/rewritten.


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