Summer Writing Update #6: Tata For Now

Copy of August Wrap-Up (1)


Another seven days have come and gone, so it’s time for another writing update! I really enjoy writing these posts, and I’m thinking about continuing them once summer break ends. If that’s something that you all would be interested in, definitely let me know!

Also, there hasn’t been a book review up in a bit, but I’m finally out of my lowkey reading slump. A review of My So-Called Bollywood Life and Puddin’ will be on their way in the upcoming weeks. (spoiler alert: I loved both of them!) Anyways, without further ado…

So, the saying “kill your darlings” is a certainly a very popular one amongst writers. I’ve heard it multiple times before, but this week was the first time I’ve been forced to confront the saying…I haven’t shared much about my current WIP besides it’s a YA contemporary about to go through a major rewrite. Part of that rewrite will include the killing of one of my darlings: one of the four POV characters.

It wasn’t until my mentor advised me to be open to the option of removing said POV character, that I began to realize that A) she was least essential to the plot that connected all of the POV characters together and B) her story arc was the most stagnant/passive. However, when I first got the feedback, I was like:

mothers day mom GIF

But after I sat on the idea for a while, I was like:

interesting conan obrien GIF

I realized that it removing her storyline would help remedy a lot of holes in the manuscript. Also, outlining three character arcs is significantly better than four. Trust me. And though killing off your darlings is hard, and I’m still mourning the loss of my one of my POV characters, don’t be afraid to let go of a story element if you need to. Letting go of something that you put a ton of time and creativity into can be difficult, but if you think that it’ll better your story and/or make the story you’re trying to tell come across more succinctly, then go for it! (And yes, I think I’m going to start using more gifs in my posts.)

As always,

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!





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