Summer Writing Update #5: Re-laying the Bones

Copy of August Wrap-Up (1)


IT’S FRIDAYYYYYY, which means it’s time for another writing update. I’m officially off of break from my current WIP! Earlier this week, I received feedback from my mentor and even a bit of homework. Before she gave me more specific feedback, my mentor, Erin (who’s amazing by the way!!), wanted me to fill out character arc outlines for each of the four POV characters. I was slightly shook because I’m more of a headlights outliner, I outline a couple of chapters as I go. So trying to distill a story, and one I knew was going to change, into that outline was hard.

As I pushed myself through the task, it really hit me just how much work this manuscript is going to need. It’s only a second draft so I’m aware it wasn’t perfect, but it hit me that a complete overhaul, a total rewrite, was quite possibly in the future. I would have to re-lay the bones of the entire manuscript.

After talking with one of my friends on Twitter (having writing friends makes this process so much easier, I swear), she helped me to realize that writing is just rewriting, and that sometimes it may take a few drafts to get to the true heart of the story. So don’t feel discouraged if you just finished a draft or a rewrite, and you need to write another draft and complete another rewrite. You’re just getting closer to the heart of your story.

One thing that helped to motivate me after I completed the arc outlines was to just brainstorm possible ideas for each POV character. Possible changes that could up tension and make for a more complex story, but would definitely require major rewrites. After the brainstorming session, I felt a lot more confident that some of the ideas could help to flesh out the story and take it in another direction. So don’t be afraid to re-lay the bones of your manuscript if you need to, and if you’re ever stuck with exactly how to re-lay those bones try a good old-fashioned brainstorming session.

I can now say that draft three is on the horizon. It’ll most likely be at least a 95% rewrite, but that’s a-okay. I’m hoping to do some brainstorming and a bit of outlining for those rewrites for the rest of the month, and then jump into the actual rewrite itself at the start of next month. Those plans are subject to change a bit since my mentor is sending me more specific feedback this weekend, but as of right now this is where I am with my current WIP.

Oh, and one last thing! For those of you interested in Pitch Wars, the mentors are revealed this Sunday, so be sure to keep an eye out!! Pitch Wars season is almost upon us, and I’m so so so excited.


As always,

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy blogging!



2 thoughts on “Summer Writing Update #5: Re-laying the Bones

  1. Yup, writing is definitely a whole bunch of rewriting, lol. It always feels good to know that each rewrite makes things stronger, though. K.M. Weiland’s series on character arcs is super good, and it really helps me with not only characters, but with the whole entire plot of my novel as well as the theme. Good luck with draft three! 🙂


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