Summer Writing Update #4: Push and Pull

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I still can’t really believe that it’s already July. Where is the summer going? Because it’s Friday, it’s time for another update.

Recently, I tried to start brainstorming my next WIP while on break from my current WIP that’s sitting for a bit before I begin the third round of revisions. For some reason, brainstorming and outlining, some of my favorite parts of the process, felt like pulling teeth. I felt unproductive, but I couldn’t get myself to focus despite all of my attempts. So I decided to step away from brainstorming, and let myself read and watch as many episodes of This Is Us to my heart’s content. It was then that I realized why I couldn’t brainstorm.

I’m not the type of writer who can work on multiple manuscripts at a time, though that would be amazing. I give my all to one manuscript, and once I’m satisfied then I move on to the next. Because I’m not yet satisifed with my current manuscript, there was a mental block that I couldn’t quiet get around. I’m also a very checklist-type person. I love being able to accomplish something, check it off, and then move on to the next thing. Revisions somewaht throws a wrench in that process, because of the amount of time in between those steps. I like to know that I’m always actively making my story better, and while taking time off I began to feel like I wasn’t being active.

But I then realized that taking time away from my manuscript was allowing me to better it. When I dive into the third round of revisions next month, I’ll be able to come at it with completely fresh eyes and a renewed love of the story and its characters. I know in the world of writers, it usually feels very “go, go, go,” but it’s okay to slow down a bit and take breaks that are necessary to make your story better.

I’m surrounded by a lot of wonderful writers who are amazing at juggling mutliple mansucripts at a time and always being on the go in terms of their writng process, and I admied that and wanted to immulate that to some degree. It took me a while to realize that while that worked for those writers, that didn’t work for me. And that’s ok.

So for the rest of the month, I’m allowing myself to read as much as I want and watch as much TV as I want to. I’m thinking of July as my last real month of summer, since a lot of college stuff begins next month. And I deserve to enjoy my last month of summer without pressuring myself to be so “go, go, go.” I constantly have to remind myself that every writer’s process is different, and the speed of every writer’s process is different. And that’s ok. I feel like knowing when to push and when to pull is a huge part of my process as a writer, especially since I’m a student, and it’s still something that I’m figuring out.

As always,

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy blogging!



8 thoughts on “Summer Writing Update #4: Push and Pull

  1. That’s really great that you’ve figured out what works for you and you’re sticking to it and not allowing yourself to feel pressured! Watch ALL the TV, who knows it may even give you some great ideas ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š I am excited to hear about your new WIP idea!!


  2. I’ve been a follower of your blog for a while now and I love these posts!

    I was wondering if you would want to take part in my Islamic-Fiction reading challenge for the summer? Itโ€™s basically where you just need to read a minimum of one Islamic-fiction book and post about it, link your post back to my original post about it (yet to be published!).

    The point is so that we can all read more Islamic-fiction and share titles that may be less well-known to others because there isnโ€™t much islamic-fiction out there ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wanted to ask you before I tagged you in my post ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. This was a great post. I enjoy reading about how the process is going for you! I just recently began putting real work into a new novel, so I completely relate with a lot of this. If you ever want to talk writing, feel free to message me ๐Ÿ™‚


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