Summer Writing Update #2: Breaks and Podcasts

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It’s Friday, which means it’s time for another check-in! In last Friday’s check-in, I talked about how I had finished handwriting the second draft of my novel. In true handwriter fashion, I had to type up the draft so that I can share it with people. I managed to type up a 76K document in about a week and a half, and am now effectively on a break.

My original draft was barely 55K words, and I was worried about that length. I’ve known that I’m an underwriter and that my first drafts tend to be on the shorter side, but that word count made me a bit anxious. From the first to the second draft, I added about 20K, and that process made me more accepting of the fact that I am an underwriter. I know now that I’m capable of fleshing out a first draft, and I don’t think I’ll be as worried about word count when I draft my next WIP.

Speaking of new WIP, I now have a new plot bunny. I’m the type of writer who can only focus on one idea at a time, and I always get worried that the idea I’m working on is my last good idea because I don’t get hit with plot bunnies often. I’m not going to give much detail about the new idea at the moment, but I’m hoping to do some brainstorming for it over the break.

I’m not entirely sure how long the break is going to be, it really depends on how much time my mentor takes. But no matter how long that is, I know I need a break. I’ve been immersed in the story for quite a while, and if I want it to get better then I need to step back from it for a bit.


And for the cooler part of the post! Recently, I’ve started to listen to writing-related podcasts whenever I’m in need of motivation, inspiration, or need a break from listening to my playlist on loop.

  • Write Or Die Podcast
    • This is the very first podcast that I started listening to. It’s relatively new, so there only eight episodes as of now. One thing I love about this podcast is that there’s a good mix of well-known authors and more up-and-coming authors.
  • 88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang
    • It’s hard to explain just how much I love this podcast. The archive is a gold-mine, and I could not recommend this podcast enough. You’ll end up listening to episode after episode. If you’re a little weary about podcasts, I think this series would be a good one to start with.
  • First Draft with Sarah Enni
    • I haven’t dived deep into this podcast yet, but it’s one that’s been recommended to me a bunch. They also have a pretty extensive archive, so this is one that I’ll definitely be exploring further.
  • PubCrawl
    • I love love love the PubCrawl blog and their podcasts as well. The podcasts don’t come out as often as the blog posts do, but there’s a pretty extensive archive as well. In general, PubCrawl is a treasure trove of different resources.


And those are the writing-related podcasts that I listen to! If you all have any other writing-related podcasts that you’re a fan of, feel free to drop their names in the comments. I’d love to hear how you all are doing, whether that be in terms of writing, reading, or just life in general! I hope everyone’s having a great summer.

As always,

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy blogging



4 thoughts on “Summer Writing Update #2: Breaks and Podcasts

  1. I just subscribed to all of these podcasts thanks to your recommendations! I haven’t ever been a huge podcast person because I’d much rather spend my time reading/listening to an audiobook, but I’ve always wanted to be a podcast person. I’m hoping since these are related to books and writing it’ll hold my interest when I need to take a break.


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