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April…has been a month, but I’m really excited to share this update.

Soooo, I actually won TeenPit. If you don’t know what Teenpit is, you can hop over to my last post. But essentially, TeenPit is a smaller version of PitchWars for high school novelists. And since I won, I’ll be participating in PitchWars 2018 later this year! It’s super exciting, but also weird because I know that I’m a mentee months ahead of time. Everyone else finds out on October 12, a day after my 18th birthday, so it feels a bit premature to really broadcast or share my excitement, I don’t know.

I’m beyond ecstatic to be able to keep working with my awesome mentor, Erin, from TeenPit. Her advice and critique has already strengthened my novel so much, and I can’t wait to make it even stronger. I’m also looking forward to the community aspect of PitchWars. From what I’ve heard, that’s what makes the whole experience really amazing.

Righ now, I’m in the middle of my first round of revisions. (Did I tell you all that I finished the first draft???) I have 4 POVs, and I’ve made my way through revising all of POV 1. My goal is to read through + take notes on all of POV 2 and revise 3-5/15 chapters of POV 2. I also ended up participating in Camp Nano! I set myself a goal of editing for 30 hours this month, and I met this goal two days ago. Next month I think I’ll set a goal of 15 hours, because having a goal really helps to keep me motivated.

As a result of working on revisions and thinking about PitchWars, I realize that I’ve been focusing a lot more on writing compared to reading and that the blog has reflected that. While that’s not a bad thing persay, I don’t think I’ll be doing much reading until summer break rolls around in a little more than a month or so. I also lowered my 2018 goodreads goal from 60 books to 40. My summer goal is to read and review one book every two weeks, and I have a backlog of arcs and books to read. So don’t worry, the book reviews will be back soon!

May to early June, I’ll still only be posting on Thursdays, maybe even every other Thursday depending on my stress levels. But once summer rolls around, posts will resume back to Mondays and Thursdays as usual.

Thank you all for being so awesome and supportive!

As always,

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy blogging!




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