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April Update

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I can’t believe that it’s already April! Summer is so close, yet so far. So for this month, I’ve decided that I’m going to need to make a key change in my blogging schedule. Instead of posting every Monday and Thursday, from now until the end of the school year (early June) I’m just going to be posting every Thursday.

There are a few reasons for this change, the first of which being school. I’m a junior, and the next three-ish months are going to be really important for me academically. In the next month alone, I have five college-admissions related standardized tests that I need to take. On top of that, Ramadan starts next month as well. So I’m going to be super busy during April, preparing for the busyness of May.

In addition, I was beginning to feel pressured to read. Because I’ve started focusing more on my writing, I’ve been reading a bit less. This resulted in me feeling pressured to read more, so that I could write more book reviews and just keep up what felt like a high pace of blogging. I don’t want reading to ever feel like a chore, and giving myself more breathing room will definitely help to relieve, and hopefully erase, that pressure.

Thirdly, I’ve been focusing a lot more on my writing. I want to continue to focus more on my writing throughout the rest of this year, which means making slight adjustments in other areas of my life (ie: Netflix). The first draft is complete (*yessssss*), but that means that I’m starting to delve deep into revisions. My high goal for this month is to revise/rewrite the character arcs of 2/4 POV characters. Because April is going to be a hectic month, I’m more realistically shooting to revise/rewrite just one of those character arcs. Though there’s a lot of work to be done on this manuscript, I’m really starting to see its potential.

I think that sums up how I’ve been doing, and what changes I plan to make going forward. I’d love to hear how March went for you, in terms of reading, writing, or just life in general, and also if anyone wants to share any goals for April. I’d love to read those as well.

As always,

Happy writing, happy reading, and happy blogging!



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