2018 Writing Update #2

I’ve decided that I’m going to try to share more about my writing journey, just because I love reading the blogs of other writers. It’s always so great to gain perspective from other writers at different points on their journey.

This month has been an amazing one for my writing. I’m a finalist in TeenPit, which is like a version of PitchWars but for high school students. I really didn’t expect to get in, but I have a great mentor and I’ve already learned a ton. One big thing that I’ve learned is that I actually enjoy editing more than drafting. This is because I know I’m making the story better. But I find editing to be more frustrating because sometimes I don’t find it as straightforward as drafting.

My goal at the moment is for my WIP to reach 55,000. That’s the minimal word count that I set for all of my drafts. If it’s over than 55,000 then I know it can be a novel, if it’s under then it’s usually too short. I’m an underwriter, so my drafts usually end up growing by a few thousand words. By the time this post goes up, I might actually have hit 55K. I hope to finish the first draft of the WIP by the end of next month, but I have a good feeling that I can get it done before then. Since I’m on spring break, I’ve increased my daily goal of 1K to 2K, which has helped push this draft forward a ton. I’ve also outlined THE END, so I just have to write to THE END.

I’ve made a ton of writerly springing buddies (shout out to #magicsprintingsquad!), and they’ve given me so much motivation and inspiration to push on. I look forward to sprinting with them at the end of every day when I can. If you’re a new writer, I definitely recommend checking out Twitter. There’s such a great community of writers on there that are so welcoming.

I’d love to interact with more blogging writers. And let me know if you’d be interested in reading more of these writing updates!

As always,

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging.



15 thoughts on “2018 Writing Update #2

  1. I love this post!! Congrats on being a finalist in Teen Pitch. I can’t wait to read more of your Writing Updates!!!

    P.S: ” I will be starting a {Writing Update} blog series as well, 😉 “


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