Thursday’s Thoughts: How Much Do You Focus on Stats?


Thursday's Thoughts

Hi all, I’m back with another Thursday’s Thoughts! As a student, I’ve found that I’m able to focus on my stats more in the summer than during the school-year. This results in me being able to interact more with you in the comment section, and just being more involved in the blogosphere in general. While stats are an important part of blogging, I’ve been putting all my energy into writing posts and responding to comments during the weekends when I have free time. So my question to you all is: during crunch time, or just in general, how much do you focus on stats? How important are stats to you? Do you use them as a measure of success, or are they just numbers, or both?

I know when I was just beginning to blog, I really focused on growing a following and working to create content that I’d be proud of. Now, because I’ve been blogging for a while and because it’s junior year, my focus has really been on the content aspect. I still care a bit about stats, but I simply don’t have the time to care about them as much as I used to.  I still do love taking a look at the world map every now and then, because I think it’s so cool that my words have been able to travel to countries and places that I hope to physically travel to some day.

So that’s really it for today’s Thursday’s Thoughts! I’m interested in hearing about how you all use stats, or if you don’t pay them any mind. Are they a large part of your blogging experience or a minimal one? I look forward to interacting with you in the comments. And if I respond on the weekends (as opposed to when I responded to every comment the day they were posted during the summer), just know that I appreciate both your comment and you taking time out of your day to leave your thoughts about my work. Every comment makes my day so much brighter, so thank you all so much.

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!






16 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: How Much Do You Focus on Stats?

  1. For me I personally don’t pay attention to my stats. I look at my stats once a month to update my NetGalley profile and even then sometimes I forget to do that. While I agree that it’s nice to know how well you are doing and how many people you are reaching etc I don’t let myself be bothered with the numbers.

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  2. I actually never looked at stats on the first few months I blogged. Only later did I see and realise what they told me and I was so astounded by my stats 😂 I didn’t even know so many people viewed my blog.
    As for now, I’m able to forget stats as long as I’m not in that screen, but once I see the stats I go full in depth on then and try to figure out what’s going good and what’s not 😅

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  3. Omg yes it is so wonderful how blogging allows us to write words that others from across the globe can read. I love that aspect of blogging so much! I still focus on stats even though I think I have a pretty *large* following. I weigh the likes on one post with the number of likes on another to see if people want to see more book tags over discussions and vice versa. It’s become a routine of sorts, which I don’t like because stats really shouldn’t be something I care about.

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  4. I have been blogging for a little over two years and to my stats were definitely important in the beginning even though book blogging was supposed to be JUST ANOTHER HOBBY. I think it was the excitement of finding this community and discovering bloggers with 100+ comments and what not and kind of seeing them as sort of “stars” in the blogosphere and wanting to be like them. Eventually I learned to get over myself and see my stats as just numbers (actually I stopped seeing them). I do feel the same way you do about the world map. It’s incredible that people from so many different places are reading my ramblings.

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  5. What an interesting topic! For me it’s a bit of both I think. I care more about my content and enjoying what I do, but the numbers are satisfaying. It still amazes me that all those people read what I have to say. I agree that the world map is super fun to look at!

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  6. I don’t pay attention to my stats at all >.< I think the only time I really notice is if I don't have any comments but that's more because I really want to chat about the topic I wrote about with someone haha Otherwise, I haven't looked at my views or followers in ages. I just don't think it matters as long as I am enjoying what I am doing AND there are people reading it -even if it's just one or two people !

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    1. That’s so awesome! And I definitely agree that as long as you’re enjoying blogging and connecting with someone, then you’re making a difference. Thank you for commenting. Have a great weekend.


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