Thursday’s Thoughts: Writerly Encouragement

Thursday's Thoughts

Nanowrimo has officially begun, and I just wanted to share some quick writerly words of encouragement. Nanowrimo is such a wonderful time of the year, but I also know that it can create a lot of pressure. Don’t worry if you miss a few days or even a week. As long as you end up with more words than you started, then you will have won in my book. Winning Nano is awesome, but it’s really the experience and the community that foster so much joy.

I know because of school, I can’t commit to writing 50K words of a first draft. I’m going to be primarily outlining during Nano. It’s ok if you want to change Nano to fit your needs. Nano doesn’t have rules, just suggestions/guidelines. The community and atmosphere are awesome regardless if you’re drafting, plotting, editing, etc.

I also know that I put a lot of pressure on myself when I write because I want the book to be great and impact others. I always tell myself that the first draft is just for me, and I wanted to pass that advice on. Sometimes I put so much pressure on myself that I get disappointed when the first draft doesn’t live up to what I envisioned. But that’s the thing about drafts, they’re living documents. They can grow and change, but they can’t do that if they aren’t written.

Most of all, have fun! Whether or not you finish the month haven written one line, one paragraph, one chapter, or one book, I really hope this Nano is an awesome one for you!

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!






3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: Writerly Encouragement

  1. What a wonderful post! I really needed to hear these words ❤️ this is my first time participating in NaNo and I already felt a little pressured to try and reach 50k because everyone else seems to have written so much already even though it’s just the first day??? But I’ve decided to take a step back and mostly use NaNo to outline, just like you! I don’t want to rush into my story just because everyone is doing it right now! I’m very much a planner and I need to know pretty much everything about my characters before I can start writing my story 😂

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  2. I completely agree with you. As long as you’ve written something, you’re a winner! Starting is sometimes the hardest part, and NaNo allows you to do that

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