Thursday’s Thoughts: Auto-buy Authors

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Hello everyone, I’m back with another Thursday’s Thoughts. Today, I wanted to have a discussion and share our favorite auto-buy authors. Or in my case, auto-read, since I don’t often buy books. But what authors have reached that status that when they release a book you know you’re going to read it, and why have they reached that level? I’m going to share my top three auto-read authors!

My first auto-read author is Angie Thomas. Ok, ok, I know she’s only released one book, the wonderful, the beautiful, the amazing, The Hate U Give, buttt she’s working on another project right now. And I know that as soon as ARCS are available or as soon as the book is released, I’m going to read it. There are really no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Angie Thomas has managed to become my top auto-read author with only one book. That’s how amazing The Hate U Give is.

My second auto-read author has to be Emery Lord. Her books are always summery, complex, and messy.  Her books always put me in an awesome mood, and I always look forward to her releasing new works. She’s a cornerstone YA author to me. Her latest release The Names They Gave Us was definitely one of my favorite reads this past summer.

I’d say my third auto-read author has to be Leigh Bardugo. The Six of Crows dulogy will always have my heart, but The Grisha Trilogy was amazing in its own right. I’ve never been disappointed by any of her books. Her series always make me want to write an epic high fantasy, even though that’s probably a stretch for me. But her books just always inspire me. I always fall in love with the characters, and I’m always blown away by the level of worldbuilding. I’m pretty excited to read Language of Thorns, hopefully sometime in the upcoming month.

So those are my top three auto-read authors. Whenever they release a book, I’ve got to read it. Do any of you have the some of the same auto-buy/auto-read authors as I do? I can’t wait for the lovely discussion, and to see which authors you all love!

As always…

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!



11 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: Auto-buy Authors

  1. What a lovely post! I always say I have tons of auto-but authors but actually it’s just 3 😂 my favourite author of all time is Tahereh Mafi and I will buy ANYTHING that she publishes! The other two are Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo!!! I’m just in loooove with their writing and world-building and I don’t think their books could ever disappoint me!

    I haven’t read THUG yet but I reallllly want to! And I’m so excited about the movie too! I always see Angie tweeting about it and I love the cast so much 😍 Fantastic post!

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    1. Yesss to all three of those authors! They’re all amazing. I agree with your point about Marie Lu and Leigh Bardugo. I’m always blown away by their worldbuilding. I hope you love THUG, it’s an amazing book. And I’m super pumped for the movie as well! Thanks for commenting, and have a great weekend!

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  2. I just pre-ordered the new Jennifer Lynn Barnes novella for The Naturals series. I love that series and her writing in general. Rainbow Rowell is another one. I always have to read her books ASAP. And also John Green – I just bought and listened to Turtles All the Way Down on Audible.

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  3. I think my TOP auto-buy author is probably Marissa Meyer… I LOVE her stories! The Lunar Chronicles will forever hold a special place in my heart…

    I can’t really give many other names for auto-buy or read authors, though, because the majority of my absolute favorite authors are…well…dead. XD #FAIL But I’ve been dying to read the Six of Crows series!!! I might just have to boost that up on my TBR because of this!!

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