Writing Update #3: Nanowrimo Starts in Two Months?!

Nanowirmo Starts in Two Months-!1


Is it really September? Do I really start junior year tomorrow? (Also any junior year of HS advice would be greatly appreciated!) Does Nanowrimo really start in less than two months? Are there really only four months left in 2017? giphy-downsized (3).gifWow wow wow.

I thought in this writing update I’d share what I’m doing to prepare for Nanowrimo 2017. As of now, I’m planning on participating. However, depending on school and my workload I may decide not to as we get closer to November. I’m going to try my best to participate because Nanowrimo is one of my favorite times of the year.

A few months ago I started brainstorming an idea for a fantasy novel. There were four worlds that each had their own story line so I got overwhelmed after a bit. I put the idea aside and started working on my YA summer novel for Camp Nano. During Camp Nano I stumbled upon the notebook that had all the ideas for the fantasy novel while I was packing to move. I’ve since fleshed out 8 of the 10 primary characters and 3 out of the 4 worlds. The YA fantasy is currently untitled, and its Spotify playlist is almost 80 songs long. I love the characters that I’ve created so far, but I’m nervous about tackling a project with so much depth and worldbuilding.

Here are the mood-boards that I created for the three worlds that I’ve developed to a solid extent:


Sundrivelle- Nanowrimo 2017

  • the world that came to me first
  • told through the perspective of Eva, a noble’s daughter who’s related to the Queen
  • Kai, the love interest
  • Too sunny to throw shade?



Ovalin- Nanowrimo 2017

  • down by the water
  • Queendoms
  • gender swapped Dinsey princess retelling. I’m not saying which one, because I don’t want to give too much away.
  • Ninalyn is fierce, witty, bi, sarcastic, and just overall amazing. I’m probably most excited to write her.
  • Teo Star says all the wrong things at the wrong time, he’s sheltered a bit, and he’s soft.



Lunesa- Nanowrimo 2017

  • Give it up for strong platonic friendships!!
  • LOTS of diversity within this bunch
  • moon children
  • elemental magic
  • The squad is made of Jes, Ceruelle, Ember, and Oris


And the last world that I’m still currently building is called Asabiya, and the main characters in that world are Kalila and Alias. My hope is to begin outlining each individual story, while paying special attention to where they overlap. I’m hoping to have a detailed outline of at least the first half of the story before Nanowrimo rolls around. Right now I’m referring to the story as “Into the Woods We Go to Get Lost,” but that’s kinda long. A title hasn’t popped into mind yet, so if any of you have any ideas for titles do share them below.

And definitely let me know if you’re planning on participating in Nanowrimo this year! Have you started brainstorming or plotting yet? Are you not planning on planning for Nanowrimo? Are you excited? I’m already super pumped, but we still have two more months until November rolls around. As always…


Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!





13 thoughts on “Writing Update #3: Nanowrimo Starts in Two Months?!

  1. Your story ideas sound so cool! I’m not sure whether I’m participating in NaNoWriMo because I haven’t had the motivation to write lately. But maybe this will help? Even if I do, I don’t know which project I want to work on! I have so many ideas!

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    1. Thank you, Lia! You still have a ton of time to figure out what you want to write. It’d be so much fun to participate together. And I think Nano would definitely help motivate you to write, especially because of the awesome community.

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      1. I saw that post, but I never commented because I was reading it during a quick break I had at school. Send me the link whenever you the have time, because you had so many awesome ideas. It’s going to be so hard to choose. =)

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  2. It sounds like you have a good grasp on it all, even though it seems overwhelming. I hope you’re able to find the time to participate, but don’t burn yourself out either. And good luck with junior year!

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  3. Good luck with both NaNoWriMo AND junior year. You asked for junior year advice so I’m going to give you a tidbit you’ve probably heard 60,000,000 times. If you’re thinking about college, look in earnest and start visiting and whittling down your choices this fall. You’ll want to apply as early as possible so you have plenty of time to apply for grants and scholarships. Good luck but also HAVE FUN. 🙂

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      1. Good! That’s what’s really important. Try to get your IRL friends to do NaNo with you, if they aren’t already. It’s SO MUCH MORE FUN when you can go to school the next day and talk about all your progress. XD

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  4. I’m planning on doing Nano this year! It’ll be my first time doing the official one! 🙂 I’ve only done the Camp Nanos before. I just need to decide which story idea to go with because I have too many. 😛
    I have an idea for a fantasy series, but I’ve never written fantasy before and I don’t think I’ll be ready to start writing it this November. Maybe I’ll do it for Camp Nano in April or July next year.
    I like your ideas for your series though! They definitely inspired me to work more on mine. 😀

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