Thursday’s Thoughts: What do YOU want to see more of in YA?

Thursday's Thoughts (3)


Hello, all! I’m back with another Thursday’s Thoughts, which is my discussion series. This week I wanted to have a dialogue about what you all want to see more of in YA. I thought it’d be fitting to talk about four of the things that I want to see more of.

  • I want to see more inter-religious relationships in YA. I know that religion isn’t one of the social identifiers that’s typically a major part of YA books (even though I’d love for it to be more present). Even so, growing up with parents who both had sperate faith systems definitely impacted the reader and writer I am today, and it’d be cool to see that aspect of who I am present in YA.


  •  I’d love to see more YA books featuring black Muslim characters. There’s recently been a push to spotlight Muslim authors and books that have Muslim protagonists which I 100000% support. Two books that come to mind are Saints and Misfits and Love, Hate, and Other Filters. I highly recommend you check out both. However, I’ve found that most of the times the authors or protagonists often identify as Arab, Middle Eastern, or Asian. Few and far between identify as black or African American. I’d love to see more YA books written by black Muslim authors and more books that feature black Muslim protagonists.


  • MORE PLANTONIC LONG DISTANCE FRIENDSHIPS!!!! I’d love to see much more of these in YA because it’s such a realistic and everyday thing. One of my best friends moved the year before we started high school and though our friendship has changed, we’re still there for one another as we head into our junior years on completely different coasts. Plus, I’m all for great platonic friendships in general, so I’ll always support more of those in YA.


  • Lastly, I want to continue to see intersectionality and diversity present in YA. Diversity and intersectionality in YA have gotten soooo much better, especially in recent years. However, there’s still a lot more work that needs to be done for YA to truly be inclusive. I know that there are many authors, bloggers, librarians, writers, readers, etc who are working towards this goal and will continue to do so. I’m glad to be one of them.


So that’s all for this post of Thursday’s Thoughts. What do YOU want to see more of in YA? Is there anything that you think we see too much of in YA? Is there anything that you want for the future of YA?  I look forward to engaging in all of the lovely discussion. As always…

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!


24 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: What do YOU want to see more of in YA?

  1. More kinds of insecurity. A lot of YA protagonists are insecure in the same, specific way. They have the same worries, the same problems. That doesn’t resemble my own experience at all, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

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    1. Yes yes yes to your entire comment!! One book that I’d recommend checking out is written by Rachel Lynn Solomon, a Jewish YA 2018 debut author. Her novel, You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone features two Jewish main characters. I haven’t read it yet (crossing my fingers for the arc), but I’ve heard high praise about it and it has a 4.9 rating on Goodreads currently. If you get to read it before myself definitely let me know what you think of it. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

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    1. I agree with your point! I know I don’t read that much historical fiction, but I’m always trying to expand my reading horizons, so if you have any awesome YA historical recommendations I’d love to hear them. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts!


  2. I agree with everything you said! I’d add that I would love to see more what I’ve decided to call inverted triangles like the one we got to see in The Love Interest. Also, more good queer rep in SFF would be brilliant.

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  3. I really like the points you’ve made.
    For example- the long distance, platonic friendships. Me and my BFF, we were long distance as well and you know- we’ve stood the test of time for 20 years and we’ve had the most amazing adventures together. I can definitely see how an adventurous YA plotline could be inspired by this.
    Great post!

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts! Also that’s so awesome that your friendship has withstood such time and distance!! I love hearing that.


  4. I agree with your points. I want to see the authors push a little more in terms of what’s discussed int heir books. YA and Children’s Lit tends to be read across age groups, and different people get different aspect from it. (The Giver and The Girl That Drank the Moon are two examples of middle grade that tackle tough issues.) When it comes to YA, I want to see things folded in that lead to some real world discussion.

    For example, I just read The Sun is Also a Star which does have two very diverse characters, but I wanted the book to push the issue of immigration and deportation a little more. The book is YA which typically means 12-17 year olds, and while I understand kids read up, the upper tier of YA is going to be able to vote, and I would like to have seen that issued used as more than just a vehicle for a love story. The love story is beautiful, but I keep feeling like there was more under the surface that was just being skimmed and not discussed.

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your thoughts! I definitely agree with your point about The Sun is Also a Star. I adored it, but I also felt that it could’ve gone a lot deeper.


  5. Hi! I love this post. I would absolutely love to see more diverse characters in YA as well, and I am seeing a trend towards this direction in books nowadays, which is great! I would also love more books about characters who are not “conventionally” beautiful, like Molly from The Upside of Unrequited, as well as LGBT characters 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you liked the post! I definitely agree with your points. Molly is one of my favorite YA characters, and I do think that YA is moving towards including more diversity including positive LGBTQA+ represntation which is so awesome to see. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and commenting!

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  6. Hah, and you said you were a newbie. This is awesome.

    I am 100 % behind more interreligious relationships, whether it’s romantic, friendship or even family.

    It’s funny that I found this post, I’ve just finished And I Darken, which is the first book where I’ve seen Islam and Christianity present in both family and romance. I can’t vouch for the reliability, but for me it was pretty awesome.

    All in all, I’d just like to have more… Individuality in YA. I’m not sure if I’m phrasing it correct, but… I want to have MCs and sidecharacters who are religious, poc, vegan, mentally ill, suffer with a disability etc. I want to read about all the kinds of people in the world that I might never meet, but who exist.

    I want to read books that offer different views of all these things. I want to know their stories and their thoughts.

    Also, it’s past midnight so I’m definitely rambling. Hope I made sense though.

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    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the discussion! I’m about to start my fifth month of blogging, so I’m still relatively new to this whole blogging thing. =) And I Darken is on my tbr so I definitely need to read it soon. Thank you for the recommendation! I definitely agree with all your points. I too want to read about people who I haven’t yet gotten the chance to meet, but who exist and whose truths matter and are important to know of. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts!


  7. I’d actually like to see less YA in general lol But I know the vast majority of readers will disagree with me. Less tropes and less melodramatic drama would be nice because those are the two main reasons I tend to stay far away from the genre.

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    1. Even though YA is definitely my genre, I see what you’re saying! YA is primarily in the forefront that sometimes other genres don’t get that much attention, at least from the mainstream. Thank you for commenting and sharing your thoughts!


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