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July Wrap-Up



Hello everyone, July has come to an end. Which unfortunately means that the summer is winding down. July’s been a crazy hectic month for my family. My reading and blogging didn’t suffer much because of it, but my writing did a bit. More on that later.

Books I read during July!

(If there’s an asterisk next to a title it means that I’ve written a review, but haven’t posted it yet. Because I’m a student and the scheduling button is my best friend)

*Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

*Once and For All by Sarah Dessen

If You Could See Me Now (ARC from NetGalley) by Keris Stainton

By Your Side by Kasie West

In a Perfect World by Trish Doller

Amina’s Voice by Hena Khan

Creativity: The Human Brain In the Age of Innovation (ARC from NetGalley) by Elkhonon Goldberg

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

The Unexpected Everything (reread) by Morgan Matson

Rosemarked (ARC from NetGalley) by Livia Blackburne

As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti

*The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli

Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca ZappiaOnce and for All by Sarah DessenIf You Could See Me Now by Keris StaintonBy Your Side by Kasie West

In a Perfect World by Trish DollerAmina's Voice by Hena KhanCreativity by Elkhonon GoldbergMilk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan MatsonRosemarked by Livia BlackburneAs You Wish by Chelsea SedotiThe Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli


Books that I’m planning to read in August!


25014114 I talked about this book in my scheduled Top of my TBR post. I’ve heard so many great things about History Is All You Left Me from the book community, especially on Twitter. I’m super pumped to read it and get my heart broken.

29456598 I got accepted to review this book via NetGalley, and I can’t wait to jump in. I love the cover and the story premise, and I’m so happy that I got approved to read it.

23299512 I picked this book up from the library. I haven’t read of V.E’s Schwab’s works yet, and I’m super excited to finally do so. I’ve heard great things about her books.

July was the month that I got approved for my first ARC. I’m thinking of doing a post that includes all the reviews that I’ve written for the ARCs that I’ve read this month. The reviews of ARCs are shorter than the reviews that I post on my blog, but I still want to share the ARC reviews with you all. The ARC reviews are also on my Goodreads, if anyone wants to read them before I post them.

Camp Nanowrimo

If you all didn’t know, I participated in Camp Nano this past month. I didn’t go as swell as I hoped. I started off the month strong, but family stresses greatly affected my mood and eventually I petered out. I drafted about 20K words of Summer Novel, and I’m satisfied with that. I also found an old notebook that had a partially flushed out novel idea. I had put the story idea aside because I had gotten overwhelmed by the world-building. I wrote about 10K words in brainstorming and outlining. I’ve decided that it’s going to be my Nanowrimo 2017 novel. I don’t want to share too much, but I can say that I’ve built 2/4 worlds and 7/10 characters.

Definitely let me know how July went for you all, and what books you all are looking forward to reading in August. Also, if anyone participated in Camp Nanowrimo, I’d love to know how it went for you! I hope July was an awesome month for everyone, and that August’s awesomeness just builds upon this month’s.

Happy reading, happy writing, and happy blogging!






28 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up

  1. History is All You Left Me BROKE ME! 😭😭😭 Have tissues when you read… it’s a rough and emotional read but really good.

    This Savage Song isn’t my favorite VE Schwab book but it’s still pretty good! I hope you like it (the cover is BEAUTIFUL!)
    I really want to read One of Us is Lying! I don’t really know anything about it so I’m super curious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the wrap-up. I really enjoyed reading Upside, and I definitely recommend that you check it out if you’re looking for a diverse YA contemporary romance.


  2. Congrats on your 20k Camp NaNo words! I had a 20k word goal for Camp NaNo and now I have the first draft of my next novella, so I’m really happy about that. Also looking forward to NaNoWriMo in November with a sense of excitement and trepidation.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congrats on Camp Nano. Anything you did there, even if it wasn’t all you wanted, is great.
    The schedule button is my friend as well. 😉

    I’ve been hearing great things about Eliza and her Monsters. So curious about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow looks like you had a great month!! I really want to read As You Wish!! Are there physical ARCs yet or did you get an eARC?
    Also I can’t wait to read This Savage Song!! It’s been on my TBR forever and I just need to read it already!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow, it looks as if you read quite a lot of books in July!

    This month I’m hoping to finish off Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn & Grim trilogy by reading Den of Wolves. I’m also hoping to read a lot more library books. I’ve been buying way too many books lately and I need to scale back my spending. I went to the library on Sunday and borrowed an armful of books to get myself started!


    1. Thank you! And that sounds awesome. I love borrowing books from the library. I have about 10 that I still need to read before returning them. I wish you a super productive and awesome month!


  6. Oh no! I’m so sorry you didn’t meet your Camp goal! I can totally relate to being super stressed through July. (This was my last time participating in July, I believe…)

    I started reading This Savage Song and LOVED IT at first, but then I just sort of lost interest in it about halfway through after getting fed up with the language in it, and it had to go back to the library anyway, soooo.. XD OOPS! But I might try reading it again! I loved the storyline…

    Also, I noticed another commenter mentioned One of Us is Lying, and I WANT TO READ THAT SOOOOOO BAD!!!! I heard about it from a friend, and I’m literally dying to get my hands on a copy….


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